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Who We Are


Brain Gymnasium Learning Fast ForWord Provider

Brain Gymnasium Learning provides assistance in learning the skills essential for learning and reading success. Through various Fast ForWord products, Brain Gymnasium Learning develops and strengthens memory, attention, sequencing and processing rate. It is brain training!

The Fast ForWord programs have been scientifically proven to strengthen foundational cognitive skills which results in a wide range of improved critical learning and reading skills.  Fast ForWord has been proven to improve fluency, comprehension, decoding, and phonological awareness.

Fast ForWord products are accepted curriculum for the Step Up Scholarship Gardiner Scholarships.

Specialized Tutoring and Education Therapy


Brain Gymnasium homework help and test prep provides intensive and tailored tutoring programs to fit the child and family’s needs.  We specialize in the areas of reading comprehension, math, science, and language arts. Our group sessions encourage critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our degreed, professional, and experienced teachers provide a simple and exciting approach to learning.

Brain Gymnasium also offers courses to prepare for the high school entrance exams, SAT, and ACT.

Fast ForWord Providers

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About our Founder

Carmen Mazarredo-Santaló, founder and president of Brain Gymnasium, has been teaching middle school grammar and composition for over 13 years. She has been teaching Algebra and literature for over 4 years. She has been a specialized tutor in various subject areas and levels for over 20 years.

​Mrs. Santalo has a Master’s Degree in Specific Learning Disabilities from Nova Southeastern University. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications with a double major in Psychology from the University of Miami.  In addition to her education, her previous work experience in Public Relations and television adds a different perspective to a number of lessons.


Carmen Mazarredo-Santalo, M.S. Ed.



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